POSTERS display & discussion session


Tuesday 2 September, 19:30h.


Arts Auditorium Hall 


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P5 Economic Analysis of Sustainable Spatial Allocations of Energy Systems -A Theoretical Examination and an Agent-Based Model Approach of Renewable Energy Systems

(Thomas Lauf, ESSA)


P7 Investigating Opinion Dynamics using the FreqNet model

(Susan Boerma, Casper Albers and Wander Jager, ESSA)


P10 Behavioural Responses to Epidemics: Report from a Virtual Experiment

(Savi Maharaj, Adam Kleczkowski, Susan Rasmussen and Lynn Williams, ESSA)


P41 Towards Modeling a Multi-Agent System for Balkan Neolithic Spread

(Andrea Zanotti, Richard Moussa and Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel, SPUHH)


P43 A dynamic model of urban green spaces, residential mobility and real estate market

(Veronika Razykova, Stephan Bartke and Nina Schwarz, ESSA)


P52 Topic Recipe-based Social Simulation for Research Dynamics Analysis

(Keeheon Lee and Chang Ouk Kim, ESSA)


P67 City of Uruk 3000 B.C.: Using genetic algorithms, dynamic planning and crowd simulation to re-enact everyday life of ancient Sumerians

(Tomas Trescak, Anton Bogdanovych and Simeon Simoff, SPUHH)


P68 Cooperation maintained by defect and collapsed by reward in a generalized metanorms game

(Hitoshi Yamamoto, Isamu Okada and Fujio Toriumi, ESSA)


P70 Market dynamics in the dutch pork sector

(Floor Ambrosius, Gert Jan Hofstede, Bettina Bock and Eddie Bokkers, ESSA)


P81 Agent-based modelling of agricultural water abstraction in response to climate change and policies: In East Anglia, UK

(Thomas Swinscoe, Christof Knoeri, Luuk Fleskens and John Barrett, ESSA)


P91 An agent-based model of a social-ecological system: A case study of disease management in potato cultivation

(Francine Pacilly, Jeroen Groot, Gert Jan Hofstede and Edith Lammerts van Bueren, ESSA)


P93 On infrastructure network design with agent-based modelling

(Emile Chappin and Petra Heijnen, ESSA)


P94 Does follower of majority accelerate polarization or diversity of culture?

(Yuki Ogawa and Hitoshi Yamamoto, ESSA)


P97 Simulating Value Co-Creation in B2B Financial Service: An Application of Empirical Agent-Based Modeling

(Makoto Mizuno, Kieko Toya, Kana Ozawa, Mayomi Haga, Yutaro Nemoto, Kohei Arai, Keisuke Oura, Akira Ishii and Takaaki Ohnishi, ESSA)


P98 Robustness of cooperation to movement patterns in a Hunter-Fisher-Gatherer model

(María Pereda, Jorge Caro, Débora Zurro, Myrian Álvarez, Ivan Briz I Godino, José Manuel Galán and José Ignacio Santos, SPUHH)


P133 Exploring the dynamics of the world energy system: An agent-based - system dynamics model

(Seyed Ahmad Reza Mir Mohammadi Kooshknow, Amineh Ghorbani and Gerard P.J. Dijkema, ESSA)