SPUHH sessions


Wednesday 3th September  -  Friday 5th September


Room 604  -  Arts & Humanities Faculty (UAB)


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Wednesday 3th September


11:30 [604] SPUHH session 1, Chair: Joan A. Barceló


11:30 [604] Joaquim Fort, Antonieta Jerardino, Neus Isern and Bernardo Rondelli. “Population spread and cultural transmission in Neolithic transitions” #34


12:00 [604] Neus Isern and Joaquim Fort: “Modelling cultural shift: Application to language decline and extinction” #99


12:00 [604] Joaquim Pérez-Losada: “Age-dependent mortality, fecundity, mobility effects on the Neolithic transition” #20


12:30 [604] Enrico R. Crema, Kevin Edinborough, Tim Kerig and Stephen Shennan: “Beyond Hypothesis-Testing: using Approximate Bayesian Computation for comparing multiple models of cultural transmission in Neolithic Europe.” #28


12:30 [604] Eugenio Bortolini, Enrico Crema and Mark Lake: “Effective population and phenotype-genotype decoupling in cultural evolution” #40


13:00 [604] Naoko Matsumoto and Mariko Sasakura: “Cultural and genetic transmission in the Jomon-Yayoi transition examined in agent-based demographic simulation” #13


15:00 [604] SPUHH session 2


15:00 [604] I.J. Timm, F. Lorig, E. Hoelzchen and C. Hertler: “Multi-Scale Agent-Based Simulation of Long-Term Dispersal Processes: Challenges in Modeling Hominin Biogeography and Expansion” #61


15:30 [604] Tilman Baum: “Simulating subsistence strategies of prehistoric wetland sites: did excessive resource use cause a highly dynamic settlement system?” #80


15:30 [604] Iza Romanowska: “Modelling hominin population dynamics: the case study of the Movius Line” #2


16:00 [604] Yolande O' Brien: “Modelling Routeways in a Landscape of Esker and Bog” #1


16:00 [604] Marco Janssen and Kim Hill: “The Effect of Landscape Patterns on Foraging Strategies of Hunter-Gatherers: An Empirical Agent-Based Modeling Approach” #66


16:30 [604] Simen Oestmo, Marco Janssen and Curtis Marean: “The Effect of Spatial Clustering on Stone Raw Material Procurement” #65


17:30 [604] SPUHH session 3


17:30 [604] Gary Bogle: “Rise, Fall and Abandonment in the Zambezi Plateau: An Agent-Based Model using the Canonical Theory” #24


18:00 [604] Jesse Voss: “Computational Environment Behavior Research: Case Studies of Sustainability and Population Collapse in a Northern Arizona Region” #103


18:30 [604] Fumihiro Sakahira and Takao Terano: “Rewindig the Dynamics between Two Japanese Ancient Descents -What would happen from the Jomon to the Yayoi Periods in Japan?” #33


19:00 [604] --


Thursday 4th September


11:30 [604] SPUHH session 4


11:30 [604] Mehdi Saqalli, Carsten Lemmen, Tilman Baum and Jed O. Kaplan: “Reconstituting human past dynamics over a landscape: pleading for the co-integration of both micro village-level modelling and macro-level ecological socio-modelling” #29


12:00 [604] James Riley Snyder and Ozge Dilaver: “Constructing the Water Supply of Constantinople: an agent-based modelling approach to archaeological data” #47


12:00 [604] Carla Lancelotti, Xavier Rubio-Campillo, Matthieu Salpeteur, Andrea Luca Balbo and Marco Madella: “Testing the resilience of agro-pastoralists communities in arid margins through ABM” #48


12:30 [604] Philip Murgatroyd and Vince Gaffney: “Calm before the storm? Modelling military supply and movement” #4


13:00 [604] --



Friday 5th September


09:00 [604] SPUHH session 5


09:00 [604] Florencia Del Castillo and Juan Barcelo: “Comparing Two Models of Cultural Standardization Emergence in Hunter Gatherer and Sedentary Societies” #145


09:30 [604] Kamila Olševičová and Alžběta Danielisová: “Economic Sustainability in Relation to Demographic Decline of Celtic Agglomerations in Central Europe – Multiple-Scenario Approach” #106


10:00 [604] Hiroko Inoue and Christopher Chase-Dunn: “Technology development and political and economic power: evolution of global inequality” #121


10:00 [604] Francesca Fulminante, Luce Prignano and Sergi Lozano: “The urbanization process in Central Italy. A network approach.” #123


11:00 [604] SPUHH session 6


11:00 [604] Tom Brughmans and Jeroen Poblome: “Roman Bazaar or Market Economy? An agent-based network model of tableware trade and distribution in the Roman East” #3


11:30 [604] Nicholas Gotts: “Communication technology and the topologies of transmission: a research area for historical simulation” #76


12:00 [604] Kenneth Comer and Kevin Comer: “An Agent-Based Simulation of the Emergence of Partnership Systems in Early Renaissance Florence” #58


15:00 [604] AE General Discussion session, Chair: M. Madella and J.A. Barceló